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Bio-Identical Hormone
Healing Your Brain


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Digestive Health

Fatigue - Fibromyalgia

Healing Your Heart

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IV Therapies
Prescribed Nutraceuticals

Pain Management

Thyroid Therapies



You visit the doctor's office and non-invasive evaluations are performed that tell you WHY you are not feeling well or whether you are likely to have a problem in the near future. Your doctor is the COACH of your healthcare team and helps you manage your health assets. The FOCUS is on helping you live the highest quality of life by providing you with what the body needs to heal itself. To attain comlete WELLNESS, assessments are made based on both the biochemistry and the biophysics of your body, using established sophisticated technology. Most are FDA approved. Based on your RESULTS, plus a thorough clinical history, a physical examination, and other laboratory and/or imaging studies, a health plan is designed for you with an emphasis on NATURAL therapies. If conventional medical treatments are to your benefit, they will be incorporated into your health management plan.